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RUMMU Quarry and Murru Prison

Everything is possible in Rummu! Rummu quarry and Murru prison gates will open after you have bought tickets online! 

Come to Rummu!

Welcome to Rummu!

Summer season starts on 1 June 2022. Until then you can visit us by buying tickets online.

Quarry and Mountain

Open daily with online tickets from 10.00-21.00. Discover a unique azure lagoon with submerged structures and trees. Hike around an ash mountain, created from the waste of the prison industry, enjoy the atmosphere  and hike around the hill.

Prison tours

Tours of the Murru prison and surrounding area with a guide or by an audio guide. You will experience what really took place in the prison territory and inside its buildings. Write us if you would like to have a tour!

Beach café

Beach café at the lagoon offers refreshing drinks, ice cream and selection of different snacks and sunscreen. Take a look at our open library as well.

A prison that still lives

Private prison tours with our local prison guides and audio guided tours on Murru prison territory

Today in Rummu quarry and Murru prison!

We are delighted to see that so many people want to visit Rummu quarry and Murru prison all year long. To make your visit possible, please buy your tickets online and we will allow you to our territory.

Please come to see and experience the ambience of this unique place even if it is not a hot summer day. You can enjoy the amazing views over the lagoon, take photos and just enjoy the moment in total quietness.

Hike up to the hill, have picnic, walk at the water - in one word, charge your batteries no mater how the weather is!


If you have any suggestions, comments, proposals or if you would like to organize your own event on our territory, please write to us to info@rummu.ee.

Visitor impressions

Did you visit the Quarry or the prison? How was it?

You will get an in depth overview of prison life in Murru in the 1990s. Incredible stories of smuggling, lavatories, and in-prison relations.
Prison official
20-years of experience working in the Murru prison
Hear and feel what life was like in this prison, as well as gain a strong understanding what it meant to survive in a prison environment at the time and what is life like in an Estonian prison today.
Prison official
26-years of experience in prisons
With an audio guide you are free to discover the waypoints and you will hear stories told by prisoners who once served in Murru prison. An experience to be savored!
Stories from former prisoners.

“It’s about the journey”

In Rummu during the time of viruses

To give you and all our other visitors an amazing experience in Rummu, please follow the regulations to keep the virus away.

If you feel sick, please stay home and visit us once you feel better again!

If you have additional questions, please write to us at info@rummu.ee.

Read more information about the safety label from EAS webpage

The prison was established on January 1st, 1938 and closed on January 1st 2013

Sights of the prison and the Quarry, 2021-2022

RUMMU Quarry I Caravanpark

Meil on uusi plaane ja mõtteid...

Rummu karjäär ja Murru vangla on populaarsed, veidi müstilised sihtkohad, mille väravad on täna külastajatele avatud rohkem kui kunagi varem. See on koht, mis keeldub sulgumast. See on koht, mis pakub külastajatele kvaliteetseid elamusi, mis on siia voolitud nii, et ei kaoks sihtkoha salapära ja erilisus. 2022 suvehooajal saab siin lisaks
ujumisele, sukeldumisele, vanglatuuridele, matkamisele ja söömisele mängida ka discgolfi ning jääda ööbima-telkima karavanparki.
Karavanpargi ehitust rahastatakse liidu COVID-19 pandeemiale reageerimise raames. Projekt kestab kuni 31. oktoober 2023.
Projekti eesmärk on arendada Rummu Invest OÜ Rummu karjääri territooriumile kaasaegne, kõigi mugavustega karavanpark 30 karavanauto platsi ja 20 telkimisplatsi, et pakkuda külastajatele võimalus unikaalses ja erilises turismisihtkohas jääda ööbima.
Come to Rummu!

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2022 season

Entrance with online tickets every day from 10am to 8pm