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RUMMU Quarry and Murru Prison

It is not allowed to go on the ice!

The buildings are in danger of collapsing - please stay away!

A place that refuses to close...

Rummu quarry and Murru prison are open every day from 10.00-20.00! Entrance from the turning gates.

Come to Rummu!

Welcome to Rummu!

Open every day!

Quarry and Mountain

Open daily from 10.00-20.00. Discover a unique blue lagoon with submerged structures and trees. Hike around the mountain, created from the waste of the prison industry. play disc golf and hike around the hill.

Prison tours

Tours of the Murru prison and surrounding area with an audio guide. You will experience what really took place in the prison territory and inside its buildings. Write us if you would like to have a tour!


Rummu is one of the partners for the environmental campaign Green Hunt (Rohejaht)! 💚 Green Hunt is a movement aimed at preschoolers and school students, with the goal of raising a more aware, environmentally friendly, and sustainably thinking new generation!

A prison that still lives

Tours with audio guide in Murru prison.

Winter in Rummu

Winter 2024 is in here, and that means it's a good time to plan a long and eventful day in Rummu. Or visit us multiple times...

Please note: GOING ON THE ICE IS AT YOUR OWN RISK! The ice is weak due to the springs, so please stay on the skating rink and bring ice spikes for safety reasons.

Winter day in Rummu could be like this:

  • A hike up the Rummu quarry hill, enjoy the views over the icy and snowy lagoon. 
  • Take a picnic basket with hot drink and snacks with you to refill your enegy.
  • Take part of audio guided tours in Murru prison. 
We recommend you to take part in the Laternamatkad (hikes with latern light) of Murru prison and Rummu quarry! More information about the hikes: siin.

Visitor impressions

Did you visit the Quarry or the prison? How was it?

You will get an in depth overview of prison life in Murru in the 1990s. Incredible stories of smuggling, lavatories, and in-prison relations.
Prison official
20-years of experience working in the Murru prison
Hear and feel what life was like in this prison, as well as gain a strong understanding what it meant to survive in a prison environment at the time and what is life like in an Estonian prison today.
Prison official
26-years of experience in prisons
With an audio guide you are free to discover the waypoints and you will hear stories told by prisoners who once served in Murru prison. An experience to be savored!
Stories from former prisoners.

“It’s about the journey”

In Rummu during the time of viruses

To give you and all our other visitors an amazing experience in Rummu, please follow the regulations to keep the virus away.

If you feel sick, please stay home and visit us once you feel better again!

If you have additional questions, please write to us at info@rummu.ee.

Read more information about the safety label from EAS webpage

The prison was established on January 1st, 1938 and closed on January 1st 2013

Sights of the prison and the Quarry, 2021-2022

RUMMU Quarry I DiscGolf

Thanks to the support from LHKK and LEADER ESTONIA...

With the construction of the disc golf course, Rummu Quarry has created a completely new service and opportunity to engage in active activities in the open air, regardless of the weather. 

The goal of the project was to build a non-contact disc golf park at the Rummu quarry. The park is intended for visitors during the day as one activity alongside other services or as a completely separate visit and experience. This mitigates the effects of Covid-19 - the park is located in the open air, the visitor does not come into contact with other visitors and he can enter and exit the park at a convenient moment contact-free

For the locals of the hub, this means the opportunity to come after work or the school day, and why not also take a career and learn a new sport during the holidays. 

The disc golf park in Rummu was built with the help of a LEADER grant (LEADER measure regulation § 42 subsection 7 paragraph 12).

If you have any suggestions, comments, proposals or if you would like to organize your own event on our territory, please write to us to info@rummu.ee. korraldada, siis kirjuta meile julgelt info@rummu.ee.

RUMMU Quarry I Caravanpark

We have new plans and ideas!

Rummu quarry and Murru prison are popular, a bit mystic destinations. The gates for visitors are now open more than ever before. It is a place that refuses to close! It is a place that offers quality experiences that are designed so that the character of the place does not disappear.

RUMMU Quarry I Caravanpark construction is supported by EU project for reacting to COVID-19 pandemic. The project lasts until 31. October 2023.
The aim of the project is to develop a modern, fully equipped caravan park with over 20 caravan sites and 20 camping sites on the Rummu quarry territory of Rummu Invest OÜ to offer visitors the opportunity to stay overnight in a unique and special tourist destination.


Project No. 2014-2020.15.03.21-0317
Rummu Invest OÜ
Project budget: €109,433.50
Grant amount: €76,603.45
Come to Rummu!

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