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RUMMU Quarry and Murru prison 2021 Season

The 2021 season at the Rummu Quarry and Murru prison will start on June 1st. Come and discover a destination off-the-beaten-trail: a blue lagoon, ash-mountain and an abandoned prison. A summer café is open!

Welcome to Rummu!

This season you can look forward to:

Quarry and Ash-Mountain

Open daily beginning June 1st from 10.00-21.00. Discover a unique azure lagoon with submerged structures and trees. Hike around an ash mountain, created from the waste of the prison industry.


Prison tours

Join one of the regular tours of the Rummu prison and surrounding area with a local guide or accompanied by an audio guide. You will experience what really took place in the prison territory and inside its buildings.

Beach café

The café on the waterfront of the Quarry offers refreshing drinks, ice cream and food, as well as sun cream. Sit back and relax with a book on loan from our broad collection located in the café.

A prison that still lives

Starting from the 2021 season, regular tours with our guide or with an audio guide on the territory of the Murru prison.

A day at Rummu

Rummu Quarry offers exceptional activities for a day trip. Enjoy the beach at the azure lagoon, hike to the top of the ash-mountain and enjoy the view on the Quarry and the prison. Enjoy our café and take an opportunity to read a book from our library. Take a tour of the prison – with the help of a local guide or solo via a self-guided audio tour. For the more adventurous, explore the property on a stand-up paddle board or through a scuba diving experience. Trust us, a day at Rummu is exciting and is suitable for trips alone, with family, or with friends. Convenient parking is offered on the territory of the Quarry and tickets can be bought in advance. Naturally, Rummu is accessible by public transport and you can spend a night in a tent.

We are waiting for you at Rummu!

Visitor impressions

Did you visit the Quarry or the prison? How was it?

You will get an in depth overview of prison life in Murru in the 1990s. Incredible stories of smuggling, lavatories, and in-prison relations.
Prison official
20-years of experience working in the Murru prison
Hear and feel what life was like in this prison, as well as gain a strong understanding what it meant to survive in a prison environment at the time and what is life like in an Estonian prison today.
Prison official
26-years of experience in prisons
With an audio guide you are free to discover the waypoints and you will hear stories told by prisoners who once served in Murru prison. An experience to be savored!
Stories from former prisoners.

“It’s about the journey”

Your opportunity at Rummu

Looking for a more personalized experience? Let us know! We’ll work with you to craft a one-of-a-kind experience. There are a wide range of opportunities at the Quarry and on the prison territory.

The prison was established on January 1st, 1938 and closed on January 1st 2013

Sights of the prison and the Quarry, 2021

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Season 2021

Open June 1st until August 31st
everyday 10 am - 9 pm