Entrance to the Quarry and parking

Looking forward to seeing you at the Rummu Quarry!

Rummu is located on Haapsalu road, km 13. You will immediately see the walls of the prison and signs guiding you to the entrance to the Quarry.

  • Day ticket price €6 (family ticket €15, discount ticket €3)
  • Agudio guided tours in Murru prison, 10

Parking is at designated areas. Please be mindful of fellow visitors and do not park on the beach.

Last visitors are allowed to enter the territory at 8pm. Exit only until 9pm!

If you have any questions about visiting Rummu's quarry, read on our FAQ.

Discovering the Rummu Quarry

  • beach on the Quarry lake
  • discgolfpark
  • dressing booths
  • restrooms
  • waterfront café with refreshing drinks, ice cream and food
  • shelf-library where you can loan a book for the day (at summer)
  • bike lot, in addition to the parking area
  • tenting
  • waterpark, pedal boats SUP boards and beach chairs rent
  • swimming (at your own risk)
  • hiking the mountain (at your own risk)
  • opportunity to take part in a tour of Murru Prison. Read more.

RUMMU cafe

Welcome to the summer cafe that has undergone a career renewal course for Rummu!
A pleasant atmosphere and mood, music, refreshing drinks, ice cream and delicious food await you at our place. Come and enjoy the view of the light blue lagoon, the beach and the mountain.

In the café, you can pay in cash or with a bank card. On the wall of the café, you will find a bookshelf and fresh magazines to read.

If you visit Rummu's quarry with a larger group, you can pre-order picnic baskets ready for you from the café. This gives you the opportunity to immediately enjoy the products in comfort. We also provide a picnic blanket with the basket, so you can have a lunch break in a suitable place!