Entry to the Rummu quarry

How can I visit Rummu quarry when the gates are closed?
Everything is possible in Rummu! If you would like to visit us, please buy tickets from our webpage (according to the number of visitors), call us and we are happy to open the gates for you! from here. During the summer season, the gates are open every day and you can buy the tickets from the gate by bank card or by cash.

How can I buy an entrance ticket?
Tickets to Rummu quarry can be purchased at the entrance or online from here.

Can I visit the quarry throughout the year?
Yes, you can! You can visit Rummu quarry at any day. Until June, please buy the tickets from our website. Starting from June 1, you can purchase the tickets at the gate.

Is there an entrance fee?
Yes there is (buy ticket here). You can buy out-of-season ticket from our website. During the season you can pay by card or cash at the gate. 

Why should I buy a ticket?
Rummu quarry is private territory. We will reinvest the money from ticket sales to develop the quarry further, so that all visitors will be able to enjoy their time here, a clean beach, use restrooms, visit the cafe, hike to the ash-mountain and keep the territory clean.

Visiting Rummu quarry

Can I come to visit Rummu quarry and Murru prison by public transport?

Yes, from Tallinn you can come to Rummu by buses number 107, 136, 146, 148, 149. The bus departs from Tallinn, Baltic railway station (makes a stop at Freedom square / Vabaduse väljak) and the stop to come out is RUMMU

Can you swim in the quarry?
You can swim in the quarry on your own responsibility. Please stay inside the designated swimming area. It is strictly forbidden to climb or jump off the structures in the lake.

Can you climb the mountain?
You can climb the mountain on your own responsibility. Please note that the mountain has no guard-rails and the slopes are steep. Please be extremely cautious when taking pictures and while on top of the mountain.

Can I take my dog to the Rummu quarry and the Murru prison tour?
Yes, you can take your dog, on a lead, to the Rummu quarry and the Murru Prison tour.

Visiting Rummu quarry

How can I enjoy scuba diving or other water sport activities?
For scuba diving, SUP tours and boat rides, please contact our friends: Rummu Seikluskeskus or Paekalda Puhkekesus.

Can I use a restroom on the quarry territory?
Yes. During the season we have four toilets next to the summer café- During out-of-season the toilets do not function. Please do not try to enter and break the doors if they are locked.

Do you sort trash?
Yes. Recycling bins are located next to the café and you can dispose of any trash in the respective bins.

Can I drink water from the taps next to the restrooms?
Water coming from the tap is not drinking-safe. Please bring your water with you or buy it at the café.

Visiting Murru prison

Kuidas ma Murru vanglat saan külastada?
In Murru prison you can take part of audio-guided tour. We have six different languages available and you can take the tour whenever it fits your schedule. Lisaks saad eelnevalt kokku leppida eratuuri giidiga. Pileti audiotuurile Navicup keskkonnas saad osta siit lingilt!

What's with the Navicup?

To give you as good visiting experience as possible, we have transfered our audio guided tour into Navicup application. You can easily download Navicup to your mobile device and listen to the stories, read the stories and look at the photos from here. All made nice and comfortable to use. It is totally worth to try. No need to preplan or wait for the tour to start. You come, whenever the time is good for you and you buy the ticket online!

What if I want to have a tour of the Murru prison with family/friends/colleagues?
We are very happy if you want to enjoy the tour with your own group. Write to us and we will find a suitable time and solution for your private tour.

Can I just walk around the Murru prison territory without a guided tour?
You can enter Murru prison territory only by buying tickets for the audio-guided tour. Access to the prison territory is only allowed with a guide or an audio guide. The territory is big and has a variety of buildings and structures. Many of them are derelict and neglected prison buildings not safe for walking around alone.