Ticketing and Terms and Conditions at the Rummu Quarry

Quarry tickets

Day ticket 6€

At summer:
Waterpark 10€/h
SUP board rent 15
Pedal boat 20

Lots of interesting activities are waiting for you in the quarry. You can hike up to the hill, go to swim, play disc golf. From June 2024, you can also (for extra charge) visit the waterpark, take pedal boat ride, go diving or rent SUP boards.

Guided tours in prison

Languages: EST, RUS, LAT, ENG

In 2024 we continue with popular regular tours. Until then, join the audio tour! 

Seni tule audiotuuridele!

Cool private tours with pre-bookings.
Please write to info@rummu.ee

Audio tours in prison

Pilet 10€

Please use your mobile device for the audio tour. 

You need internet access and charged battery for this. 


  • Buying a ticket to the Rummu Quarry or the prison tour, you acknowledge to have read and agreed to the Terms and Conditions
  • Rummu quarry is open from 10am until 8pm. The gate will be exceptionally open until 9pm for the last visitors to exit. Please respect the times!
  • Murru prison is open from 11am until 6pm.
  • There is no need to physically print a pre- booked ticket. You can present the ticket on your portable device at the gate or to the tour guide.
  • Pre-booked Quarry tickets grant you access to the Rummu Quarry on any day of your choosing between June 1 st to August 31 st , 2024 (except during special occasions, follow our updates). Same day sales and entry to the Quarry territory will end an hour before the closing of the Quarry. 
  • Last season tickets are not valid during the new season.
  • During out-of-season, you can only buy tickets online and these tickets are valid only during out-of-season period.
  • Pre-booked tickets for the prison tours grant access to the prison on the day and time selected at booking. The ticket allows one-time entry to the prison tour at the date and time selected.
  • A day ticket to the Rummu Quarry will be exchanged for a wrist band at the gate and will allow multiple entry throughout the day. Don’t take off the wrist band before leaving the territory! Damaged or lost bands will not be replaced.
  • Employees of the Quarry reserve the rights to check wrist bands and if one cannot be produced, guide visitors out of the territory of the Quarry.
  • Pre-booked tickets that have not been redeemed at the end of the season will not be reimbursed. Tickets will also not be reimbursed in case your visit is cut short by force major (bad weather, trauma etc).
  • Cash and credit/debit cards are accepted at the gate, café and waterpark at the Rummu Quarry. Prison tour tickets can only be pre-booked online.
  • Parents and guardians are responsible for children and animals at the Rummu Quarry and prison territories.
  • Parents and guardians are responsible for the safety of their children and that the children do not danger the safety of other visitors. Rummu Quarry employees take no responsibility nor supervision for children at the Quarry and prison territories.
  • We advise to write the phone number of the parent or guardian on the wrist bands of children.
  • Swimming and climbing the mountain is strictly on your own responsibility.
  • Exploring the territory, including the interiors of the structures, of Murru prison is strictly on your own responsibility.
  • The Rummu Quarry and prison staff bare no responsibility for any injury or health emergency of the visitors, nor will it be liable for any costs arising from them.
  • Parking your vehicle or bike in their designated non-secured parking lots is free of charge.
  • It is strictly forbidden to damage any structures, property, wildlife or scenery in any way.
  • Please be respectful and mindful to other visitors at the Quarry.
  • Keep the territory clean and dispose any trash in the designated areas.
  • Follow the signs and rules posted throughout the territory.
  • Clothes can only be changed in the designated cabins.
  • It is strictly forbidden to enter structures or parts of structures that are not part of the guided tours, the café or the waterpark. Most of the structures are derelict and dangerous!
  • Inform a member of the staff immediately, if there has been an accident, somebody is hurt or you notice something dangerous.
  • Keep an eye on your personal belongings. The Rummu Quarry and the staff bare no responsibility in case any personal belonging has been lost, stolen or damaged.
  • Please bring any found item to the staff at the café. Any unclaimed items will be donated to second hand stores at the end of the season.
  • The staff of the Quarry and prison retain the right to ask anybody who does not follow the Terms and Conditions to leave the territory.
  • We are always happy to explain the Terms and Conditions further. If you have any questions or problems, please contact our management. We are here to help!