Our regular prison tours continue to take place from 1 June 2022 every Thursday and Friday evenings, and on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.
Come and share some of Murru Prison's stories through an audio guide or through the stories of a former prison officer.
An ideal day at Rummu - a quarry with a blue lagoon and a visit to the prison.

Updated information about off-season tours is available on our Facebook and Instagram page. 

Oktoobris 2021 tule Porikuu festivali Mudatuuridele Murru vanglas. 

Igal laupäeval kell 15! Pileti saad osta siit!

Guided tours (2h)
During off-season only pre-booked tours

Audio guided tours (1.5h)
During off-season only pre-booked tours

Tour of the Murru prison with a guide

We are happy to invite you to a tour of the prison with our local guide. You will hear what happened inside the prison walls and get answers to all your questions. A great experience to enjoy alone, with family or friends. A unique opportunity to experience real-life stories and emotions in special surroundings.

A good opportunity to come alone, with family and friends.

The guided tour takes place in Estonian or Russian.

Group size up to 25
The duration of the guided tour is 2 hours
Price (per person) 10€
Preschoolers do not have to pay

In case you need a private tour with your group, please contact us.

Rummu vangla
Rummu vangla tuur, eksrkursioon, hooned

Tour of the Murru prison with an audio guide

The flexible audio guide tour can be enjoyed in mixed language groups (English, Estonian, Russian).

You can choose between Estonian, English or Russian from your personal devices and walk through almost 20 waypoints, listening to stories and exploring the structures on the territory from inside and out.

Group size up to 10
Duration of the tour with an audio guide is 1.5h
Price (per person) 7€
Under 18 and retired 5€
Preschoolers do not have to pay


If you would like to have audio-guided tour, please write to us!


Tour of the Murru prison for private groups

Sometimes you just want something more special or on a different time of day.

If you want to have a tour with your friends (e.g a birthday), colleagues (e.g team building) or in any other group (e.g school trips), let us know and we will find a way to accommodate your wishes.

We are ready to offer tailor made experiences, including time of day, duration, content, as well as catering and scuba diving.

With our help, make it an alternative, memorable and new adventure day in Rummu!

Contact us with your ideas.

Rummu vangla tuur, eksrkursioon, kauplus